Workouts to jump like Ronaldo

2 Feet and 6 inches was the height from ground that Ronaldo jumped to score the Head goal against Wales in Euro Cup 2016. Ever wondered how much physically strong you need to be to jump to that height and remain there for 0.85 second. Well that requires great physical fitness along with a strong Lower Body. So today we are going to tell you 4??Workouts to jump like Ronaldo. You need to perform these workouts along with other total body workouts.

Workout Number 1| Knee Tuck Jumps


knee tuck jump
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Knee Tuck jumps are one of the Intermediary-advanced Plyometric workout. It is a dynamic power move and uses fast and powerful actions to improve power and agility. Knee Tuck Jumps are used by athletes and gymnasts as a training to improve their performance. But the best thing about them is that they are great calorie-killers. You just need to practice it properly to master.


  • Knee Tuck jumps work on the whole body and are a great High-intensity interval training workout as they burn more calories in less time.
  • Since you have to jump high so this move also strengthens and tones your lower body.
  • It is effective for losing the belly fat and shaping up the hips.
  • Knee Tuck Jumps also have cardiovascular benefits.


Workout Number 2 | Scissors Jumps

scissor jump
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This workout is named Scissors Jumps because it involves the legs to swap their positions while the body is still in air. The movement resembles that of a scissor. It is tried by athletes who want to enhance body fitness and get muscles toned.


  • Scissors Kicks enhance total body fitness.
  • It elevates heart rate and burn calories faster.
  • When practiced regularly the leg muscles get toned and the shock absorbing capability of body after a jump grows up.
  • People with varying fitness levels can try out this workout as this requires no accessories.


Workout Number 3 | Box Jumps


box jump
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Box Jumps are another famous Plyometric Workout. The movement resemble simple jumping but it is much more than that. The simple rule is you have to jump on the box but you have to be careful regarding the height of the box. The box should be of the height on which you can jump and set your foot completely.


  • Jumping increases your total body strength but for lower body this is killer. It strengthens every muscle and tones them.
  • Box Jumps make your spine strong and prepares you for different sports.
  • They are an excellent Fat burner workouts and burn calories in very less time.
  • They do not require any equipment and performing them will keep you strong at old age


Workout Number 4| Barbell Squats

barbell squat
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Squat is the king of exercises. It is a full body compound exercise and works on your whole body. Your legs straighten to move the weight and your abs and lower back muscles stabilize your trunk. Your upper-back, shoulders and arms keep the bar steady on your back. Not just the legs but many muscles work at the same time.


  • Since Squats allow you to handle large amount of weights so they are killer in increasing muscle size and strength.
  • The movement being so basic it tones almost every muscle group specially the legs.
  • Squats improve the core strength of the body and give more power during vertical jump.
  • As it involves all the major functional muscles so it strengthens them to reduce the risk of injury during other sports and workouts.

These are the Top 4 Workouts to jump like Ronaldo. Perform them along with other workouts and make yourself strong to score your goal.

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Note:??Well its not just workout that keeps you fit. You have to include a right balance of nutrients in your diet for your body to stay fit. Among all nutrients the consumption of PROTEIN should be taken care of because that is what makes your muscles grow. Here are some Protein supplements that you can include in your diet to replenish your daily protein requirements. ??(Please consult your physician before making any changes in your diet pattern)

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