Top 5 Supplement types to boost your Gym performance

Everyone wants to boost their performance in the gym from the hard work that they put in every day. That is why we have come up with these Top 5 Supplement types to boost your Gym performance. Consider it as a spreadsheet of the supplements you should be taking for better performance and don???t waste money buying 10 different types.

The reality is supplement companies would always make you think that you need several supplements to keep up with the bodybuilding world. These cost a whole lot of money which many of us cannot afford.

In our opinion, you must go back to the basics. That is getting the best for your buck. The reason why this list is created telling you about the most potent types of supplements. For each, we will explain why it is among the Top 5 supplements to boost your gym performance.

Supplement Type 1| Multi-Vitamins

Well, this sounds like common sense but there are many who still do not use an effective multi-vitamin in their daily lives. A Multi-Vitamin can boost hundreds of processes that occur in your body associated with energy, strength, endurance, and recovery.

People view multivitamins as unimportant when compared to any other supplement. But the truth is an effective vitamin should be number one.

A number of these multivitamins are available in the market. Here is one suggested that you can opt for:

Supplement Type 2| Protein

Protein is always on the top on the recommendation list of supplements by the body builders. Protein supplements can be taken before, during, or post-workout. They give an affirmative boost to the Nitrogen balance in the body and increase muscle recovery. Adding more muscle to your body means your metabolism will increase too and eventually less fat on your body.

The most basic Protein supplement that is often recommended is the Whey Protein. Whey Protein is available in many forms and specification. Recommended here is basic Whey to replenish your protein needs:

Supplement Type 3| Creatine

The topic of much debate has now been backed up by researchers and hundreds of studies pointing that Creatine is very effective strength booster. This means your performance will increase in muscle mass, fat burning. Creatine is a molecule of the energy system that rapidly produces energy to support cellular function. Thus it has both Performance enhancing and Neuro-Protective Properties.

Recommended here is one such Creatine supplement that boosts your performance to the best extent:




Supplement Type 4| Caffeine

Caffeine has become a must go in any fitness enthusiast supplement plan. They are usually found in the different Pre Workout Supplements. Taking a cup of coffee to the gym might not be the best choice. You will need around 200mg of caffeine per serving to boost your power in the gym. Thus there are supplement powders which you can include to enhance your muscle and fat burning activity.

Caffeine is available in many forms in the market. Recommended here is one best supplement to meet your Caffeine requirements:

Supplement Type 5| Glutamine

Glutamine is an important amino acid that is found naturally throughout the body. The bodybuilders and athletes need more Glutamine than an average person. This supplement has shown results in reducing muscle breakdown and boosting recovery. Introducing your body with more glutamine than it is naturally producing will make your body take the extra glutamine rather than from that the muscle stores. This saves you???re hard to earn muscle. You may also reduce your recovery time. Which means you may hit the gym faster than before giving more prospects for faster results.

Glutamine is very essential to be included in your diet if you aim for stronger and bigger muscles. Recommended here is one best supplement to fulfil your Glutamine requirements:

These are the Top 5 Supplement types to boost your Gym performance. We have tried to provide you with the basic information and not confuse you with useless stuff. You can try any combination of these supplements to see an increase in gym performance.

However, it is always recommended that you do consult your physician and your trainer before introducing any change to your regular diet pattern.

Stay Healthy!!!

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