Stupidly Yours

Abhi was late???the traffic was almost static as the heavy rain poured down once again today. For the last three days Abhi was trying to leave office early so that he could visit his mother in the nursing home. When Abhi reached the reception counter it was almost nine o clock, and the receptionist shook her head from left to right twice, chanting the same old lines in the same old voice and same old grumpy tone ???you are late, the visiting hours is over for the day, try to come early tomorrow.???

Abhi stood by the desk and kept panting, while drops of perspiration mixed with sweat covered his entire body and tears rolled down once again from his eyes. This was the third day that he has been trying to visit his mother, but he couldn???t make it on in time???

Abhi stood blank for couple of minutes and left the counter, as he approached the main entrance the receptionist stopped him.. Abhi???s eyes filled with hope, hope of finally getting to meet his mother. He ran back to the counter, and the lady replied ???your keys..???

Abhi was terribly angry with the lady???s behavior, he snatched the keys and walked away..

Abhi was driving back home and was thing of ways to reach his mother, he even thought of climbing up the ventilation ducts as shown in the Hollywood movie???bit everything seem impossible to him right then.
Abhi got into his room and took his phone out to call the HR and beg for an off day, the moment he imagined the HR???s face the idea seemed even more unreal then???

Abhi walked up to the dinning table and?? took an apple from the basket, he took a bite and stopped, for a couple of minutes he forgot that something was in his mouth and he should have been chewing it??? moments later her ran up to the phone and dialed te helpline number of the same nursing home where his mother was admitted.

Hello, how may I help you?

I???m calling from MG Road, I have just found a person subconscious in my home???could you please send an ambulance, the address is???

The ambulance arrived ten minutes later and took the patient back to the nursing home???the doctor there said he was suffering from food poisoning and needs to get admitted right then.
The receptionist said ???is there anybody to do the paper work ? ???
The doctor said it will be too late to wait for the relatives to arrive??? let???s get on with it right away??????
They took the patient inside and tried to pump the contents out of the stomach???after that the doctor ordered the ward Boys to leave the room, and closed the cabin from inside.
The doctor walked closer to the bed and whispered in the ears of the patient, ???get up Abhi??????

Abhi sprang out of the bed and hugged his long time school friend tight?? ???thanks Varun ??????that is all he could have said.

Abhi went to the next cabin and found his mother asleep. He tiptoed to the bed and placed his palm on his mother???s forehead. She gently opened her eyes and her face filled with smile.
???How are you Maa ???? Abhi said softly
???I???m absolutely fine, just take me out of this place, it???s like a prison??? his mother replied.
???Yes I will??? Abhi said and put his head on the same pillow his mother was sleeping on.
Abhi???s mother rubbed her hands on Abhi???s head as tears rolled off her check.

After almost fifteen minutes, Abhi???s mother realised it was quit late for his son to visit her at this hour of the day. She stopped rubbing her son???s forehead and said ??? how did u get in????
???It???s a long story Maa, I???ll tell you later. For now you keep rubbing my forehead.??? Said Abhi.

???Why Abhi? Why do you act so stupid? Your not a child anymore.??? Said Abhi???s mother in an angry tone.
???I was missing you maa..??? that was all he could have said..

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