Top 3 Science facts about paper

We use paper in almost every aspect of our day to day lives. We use it for taking notes down. Furthermore,??we use them to wash our faces. Sometimes we even use them simply to practice the art of throwing paper balls in the dustbin. But given a chance, would you like to know some very interesting science facts about the??paper? Here we list down the top 3??science facts about the paper. These are the most worthy but not limited to this 3 facts below.

Science facts about paper??

1 ??? Why does old paper turn yellow?

A paper is usually made from wood pulp, which is made from 2 polymeric substances. Whitish colored cellulose and dark colored lignin.??

Cellulose is one of the most abundant organic material in nature. It is somewhat prone to oxidation but not as much as lignin.??The oxidized compound gives a less white appearance.??However, Lignin acts as a glue to bind cellulose fibers in the tree. It also??adds stiffness to the tree as it can tall stand and resist external force like the windstorm. Oxidation of lignin changes its molecular structure to a yellowish brown substance. This is the main reason of old papers turning yellow.

Bleaching process removes lignin from wood pulp. In cheap papers like newsprint, bleaching is not done with high intensity. It means in such cases bleaching is not done properly to remove most of the lignins. So lignin remains in the paper. This papers, when exposed to air especially in the presence of sunlight, turns yellow. The papers used for making books are generally well bleached and so remains white for a long time.


2 ??? Why is toilet paper always white?

You might have noticed, no matter where you go, you will find toilet papers to be white. Therefore we will list down some of the important reasons below.

  1. Its?????clear appearance is the main reason that the toilet papers are white. At any time you will be able to figure out if the toilet paper was used earlier if it is white. If it were brown or black figuring out that would have been difficult.
  2. It should be soft as it will be rubbed against one of our sensitive tissue. This is why manufacturers use intense bleaching process to remove most of its lignin content. Which in turn causes the toilet papers to be white.
  3. Another reason is its longevity. Since it is lignin free its shelf life is increased.
  4. It is non-toxic in nature than colored substances. Colored dyes may sometimes be toxic and produce allergy.
  5. Degradation of colored dyes is time-consuming. So it is also eco-friendly to use white toilet papers.


3 ??? Why packing boxes are so strong to hold material as well as cheap?

Packing boxes are mainly created from thick brown papers or cardboards. In the process of making these brown papers or cardboards, it is intended that lignin remains in those papers because it will give the packing boxes added strength. Hence these papers are less bleached and for the same reason, they are cheap, as bleaching is a cost-intensive process.

Researched and Contributed by Abhishek Das.

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