Out of the Nutshell- Part One

He decked himself up in a new sherwani. The color of his sherwani was pale cream so was the color of his face. Everybody encouraged him. All were happy; specially his parents. But he was tensed. He had never faced such a tough situation in his life. But this thing was going to change his whole life.

Samar was the only child of his parents. When he was born his mother had some medical issues. Hence, she was unable to bear another child. As a child Samar was not very fond of toys. When he was 2 years old he saw that a neighbor had brought a little baby home. This fascinated him and he asked his mom to bring home a small sister. His mother made him understand that it was not possible for them to bring home another child. Though he was small yet he understood whatever his mom told him.

Samar grew up. But he grew up in a nuclear family. He used to see other children of his age having siblings. They used to play, quarrel and share things with their siblings. He used to see others having a larger family making merry together. These made him sad. Samar used to miss such a family. His parents made sure of providing him with all the best things found in the market but yet he was alone. He was sad. He became inexpressive.

Growing Samar became a loner. He didn???t socialize. He didn???t have many friends. His only friend was books. Samar grew up to be a good son and an excellent student having a successful career. But he was very poor at relations. Now Samar was 29 years old. He was a young and handsome man. So his parents wanted him to get married. The name marriage was a new thing for him. All these years he spent his time in the small hostel room alone only with books. His parents were too busy to grow him up into a social man. Samar had never attended a single family or social event. He got nervous. He confessed to his parents that he didn???t want to get married. This time again his mother made him understand that marriage was also necessary for life.

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