Now you see me? ??? I come with free wifi

Hey, you guys! Can you see me? Here I am, the big green plastic box with rollers and handles and lid. How can you ignore such a big figure just in front of your nose or say one foot away from you and just give away what???s mine to others? I feel so lonely and left out. You people really don???t leave one chance to make me feel unwanted. You munch over your packet of wafers and eat away the candies without sharing the plastic wrappers and packets! I understand if you ignore me once in a while, but always?

Yeah, I am the dustbin who you seldom use though I come with the tag ???Use me???. I have all reasons to get offended. I come from a family that is spread all over the world and people out there give them a lot of importance. Due to my low-quality upbringing, I may not have made my way to abroad to places like US, Singapore, Dubai and the other fancy clean places, but I am still in touch with my family and friends abroad. I have even heard from them that when you, yes the same you travel abroad, you happen to see my relatives and friends everywhere, stop and acknowledge them wherever possible. So what???s wrong with me here in India? Am I not attractive enough? Or am I too attractive to throw your trash on my face?

You may have your own good reasons but let me tell you one thing, if you use me properly, you don???t have to put a napkin over your nose whenever you visit the Alipore zoo in Kolkata or many such beautiful places in that regard. So many of my friends who are even more attractive than me stand there, just five minutes away from each other, still they are neglected equally. Be it the rabbit bunny trash bin of the City Centre, the Elephant bin of Victoria or the Hippopotamus dustbin of the Nicco park. They all stand there all day long but end up with empty stomach mostly. Are they not cute enough like those in the Disneyland or Hollywood? Or are they not wild enough compared to those laid out at the wild safari of Singapore? What is it that they provide you to draw your attention there that we here in India cannot provide you?

Yeah, I know you will say roads and railway tracks are easy! But easy is not always the right thing to do. Don???t you wait for you to reach the toilet when you have nature???s call or you start right there where you are standing? Gross right! Well, let me burst your bubble. Giving my share of trash to the road, the railway compartments, the parks, and pools is gross too.

But I can???t blame it all on you. Your Government is funny! They put street lights of various designs at every 30 seconds distance in Kolkata, but us? We dustbins are a rare scene here. I have seen some of you (very few I must clarify!) try genuinely. I have seen some of you carry the thrash as long as you could till you found a trash can. But unfortunately, that???s a difficult project. And unless you plan to carry the trash to your home, it???s absolutely normal to give up trying in Kolkata.

Why do your political parties and ruling bodies ignore us ? I think we should be allowed to vote. Then they may remember our importance.

All this will soon be ???past??? now. I am sure you will notice me soon as now I shall come with wifi. I will gift you with free internet for using me. I know it sounds crazy right? But is it not crazy enough that you don???t keep your roads clean while you are too cautious in other countries?

Two among you have come forward to rescue us. Learn more about them:

???If you think about it, keeping the country clean is a very thankless job???nobody comes and pats you on the back for throwing garbage in the dustbin. But we can at least acknowledge the efforts that people are making towards a cleaner nation.???

??? Raj Desai, a technology buff from Mumbai.


???It was the trigger for the idea and we thought why not provide free WiFi to people using hotspots,???

???Pratik Agarwal, another technology buff from Mumbai


If some of you are trying so hard, why aren???t you all feel the same urge? Come forward, be responsible and USE ME .

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