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Your mom have made some Indian chicken curry and rice for lunch. Your friends are paying a sudden visit in the evening and you want to serve them with a delicious evening snack which might as well serve as an early dinner.
When you are low on your budget and high on creativity this is what comes out.??The delicious and easy to cook HomeBurger.

Ingredients : (for 4 burgers)??
  1. Any sort of chicken curry available @home – 200 gms
  2. Boiled potatoes (if the chicken curry have potatoes in it, that can be used too.) – 1/2
  3. 2 eggs
  4. Cornflower /Maida/Rice flour – 1 cup
  5. Butter
  6. Tomato sauce ( Mayonnaise and mustard sauce can also be used to enhance taste if available.
  7. Toothpick.
  8. Salt, ??Black pepper to taste.
  9. White oil for dip fry.
Procedure :
Mash the chicken pieces after removing bones.?? Mash some potatoes together to get better binding. Add a little chicken gravy for taste. Add any of the available flour for binding. Mix together and check if additional salt is required. If yes add some.?? Shape the mixture into burger patty.
Freeze it for about 15 mins so it becomes harder and make sure the patty is not soft at all. This will ensure that the patty does break while frying.
Break two eggs and keep it in a bowl after stirring it so that the yolk and albumin is mixed well.
Dip the patty in the bowl containing eggs.
Dip fry in white oil in a frying pan (make sure the oil is hot before adding the patty) . This will create a tasty outer layer of egg with smooth consistency. Cook till golden brown. Simmer the burner once in a while if the oil is too hot for the last few patty.
Now your patty is ready.??It’s time to decorate the burger!
  • Take the burger bread and smear it with butter mayonnaise mustard sauce.
  • Add the patty over the Base bread. Add tomato sauce as per taste. Add friend onions and other salads to enhance taste and flavor.
  • ??Put the upper side of the burger bread and head everything together in a microwave or over the frying pan itself for about 40 secs.
  • Before serving pin the burger to perfection with a toothpick.
Serve with scrambled eggs, potato chips and cold drink for a perfect meal. 😊

Jayati Datta Gupta


Written by Jayati Datta Gupta.

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