All endings have a beginning, the beginning to Radha and Rishi’s relation was the day when they filed the divorce. Today is the last hearing and they are a couple of papers, a couple of pens and a couple of signatures away from getting separated. Radha has dropped Rishi’s surname from her name, and the engagement ring from her finger. Rishi has dropped his feelings for Radha and the goti Radha adored. All that is left behind, is room full of ego and crate full of stuffs, sorted out to be shifted.

It has been thirty minutes, the judge has arrived and pinching and pricking every sour and bitter memories from their past. By now both Radha and Rishi r both embarrassed enough to realize that they have made a mistake to bring this matter to the court.

Radha looked at Rishi, standing across the court room, he must be so happy, this mess might be giving him such immense pleasure that he is actually listening to the judge, and the silly old coffee stained shirt is what he had to wear today!, Radha thought to herself.

Rishi standing on the podium, looking at the judge, lost in his thoughts. All he saw was the lips going up and down. He thought of the time he met Radha for the first time, the fight he had with his family over and over again, trying to bring Radha close to his family. He had succeeded then but now it seems everything is falling apart. Rishi got a bit uncomfortable and put his head down and placed his left hand on his back.

Seeing that Radha thought it might be the back pain creeping up his spine again. Rishi had this pain since his college days. Radha thought of getting a chair to Rishi but… is comforting your opponent allowed in this court?

Both looked at each other for a while and could see apology in each others eyes, but none had the courage to speak it up… ego, all that it was standing as a mountain between the two of them.

Radha’s eyes begged one more, just one more chance to be a part of Rishi’s life, but her mouth kept shut, her heart wrenched and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Rishi could sense that all this is getting to tough for Radha, he looked at his lawyer and said ” could you bring the papers please? “

The lawyer went to the judge and asked for the papers. Radha saw the lawyer bringing the papers to Rishi, she wiped her tears off, making up her mind that all is over, and she should be strong enough to fight the case she had lodged.

The lawyer took the papers to Rishi and asked him to sign, Rishi did. It was Radha’s turn now…

The lawyer submitted the papers to the judge, the judge read the entire document and shredded the pages into pieces….with a little smile on her his face.

Can I have a cup of coffee with you…is what Rishi wrote.
And Radha wrote….yes!

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