Bombay Duck Dry Curry OR Lotte Maach er Jhaal

While talking about high protein diets the one thing that definitely comes to mind is Fish. Fishes are high sources of protein and multi vitamin. Today we are going to share with a special fish recipe. It???s called Bombay Duck Dry Curry OR Lotte Maach er Jhaal (in Bengali). It is tasty as well as healthy.

Talking about Bombay Duck, it is not a common fish we all eat. But it has great amount of health benefits. Bombay Ducks are high in protein and when they are dried their protein content increases. They help is repair of body tissues and helps in effective functioning of enzymes and hormones in the body. It is also effective in reducing stroke rates.

Having said all the benefits let???s try making the Bombay Duck Dry Curry OR Lotte Maach er Jhaal.

Preparation Time??? 30minutes


  • Bombay Duck/Lotte Maach- 500gm
  • Turmeric Powder- Half Table Spoon
  • Coriander Powder- 1 Table Spoon
  • Red Chilli Powder- Half Table Spoon
  • Garam Masala ??? Half Table Spoon
  • Salt- To Taste
  • Mustard Oil- 6Table Spoon
  • Onion- 2 big Onions chopped
  • Green Chillies- 5 Chopped
  • Garlic Paste- 1 Table Spoon


  • Wash the fish thoroughly in water and rinse it dry so that no extra water remains on fish.
  • Take the fish in a bowl and add Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Salt and one spoon of Mustard oil. Mix all the ingredients well with the fish and marinate it for 30 minutes.
  • Add oil to the pan and put the chopped onions and chillies in it. When the onions start turning light brown put the garlic paste into it. After little bit of stirring put the fish into it.
  • Stir well. After some time the fish will lose water.
  • Cook on medium flame. Slowly it will start drying.
  • Take out the fish when its dried totally after applying the Garam Masala.

Your Bombay Duck Dry Curry OR Lotte Maach er Jhaal is ready. Serve it with hot rice and enjoy.

Please check out this 2 minute video explaining the above procedure.

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