5 Tips to get into Reading Habit

I have often seen people complain, ???I would love to read if the books were not obese???. It???s sad, but true. It???s really easy to play candy crush and temple run on your smartphone but the thing is you gain nothing out of it .It???s nice to inculcate the habit of reading and pass on to our next generation because it develops us intellectually. At the end of your gaming, neither you get any candy nor do you lose some calories by outrunning the beast.

When we read a story, an autobiography, a novel, we get to know a lot of characters and their feelings. We understand feelings better and get an insight of all possible thought processes that exists in our mind.

Now the question that pops up in your mind, ???What???s wrong in movies and sitcoms???? ???Why is she against everything that???s easy and quick????

They are all fine but the problem is that you look into your screens for hours, seeing what is shown to you. Very little is left to your imagination. How often did this happen that one of your favorite childhood stories have been made into a movie and you were disappointed by the way it turned out?

Have you ever thought why you find yourself disliking the best of the actors playing a character out of one of your favorite novels? It???s because your imagination is always more wonderful to you than the directors. When an author describes the protagonist of the story, you unleash your imagination and visualize a person who can be much more strong and powerful and ambitious than that could be possibly portrayed by an actor. When you visualize a natural wonder, a rainbow, a deep blue sea, their calmness that you have painted in your mind cannot match with that of a visual display of motion picture.

So please don???t miss out the beauty of your imagination and start with some easy ways to develop the habit of reading. Start out with the 5 basic steps and you will find yourself exposed to a whole new different world of quiet imagination. You will fall in love with the language of your choice, the words, the sentences and the pages. Very soon you wont have enough bookshelves at your house and if it matters at all, you will have a lot of worthwhile discussions at the friends adda.

  1. Start with bits and pieces not with a novel which is heavy on your wrist.

Most people start a novel with great enthusiasm and run out of energy turning fifty pages of it. This is not always the fault of the author.


Maybe you need to gain your concentration back with short stories and poems and even quotes. I will give you one to start with-

The warrior of light, once he has learned how to use a sword, discovers that his equipment is still incomplete ??? he needs armour.

He sets off in search of this armour and he listens to the advice of various salesmen.

???Use the breastplate of solitude,??? says one.
???Use the shield of cynicism???, says another.
???The best armour is not to get involved in anything,??? says a third.
The warrior, however, ignores them. He calmly goes to his sacred place and puts on the indestructible cloak of faith.
Faith parries all blows. Faith transforms poison into crystalline water.

-Paulo Coelho, The Warrior of Light and Faith

  1. Know the songs you hear every day.

Most of us listen to a dozens of songs every day, but we are too preoccupied to listen to the lyrics and decipher the meaning. We just try to relax with the soothing music. Although the language of music has the beauty of its own, just for a few days, try to read the lyrics of every new song you come across and decipher their meaning.


  1. Learn the history of the words you speak. It???s fun.

All the words we use, from easy to difficult, all have a history, a origin, a reason why they are pronounced in such a way or used in the contest. Once we know certain root words we see that our vocabulary has improved to a whole new level and you will get stuck upon a difficult word in an engrossing story less often.


  1. Read the synopsis of the complicated movies after you have watched them.

Of course I won???t suggest you to ruin the fun of a brand new movie you are going to watch over the weekend in a movie hall by asking you to read their synopsis. There are a lot of movies which win prestigious awards, however we feel, ???Is it me or my choice that???s not classy enough????The problem is not with our choice, it???s with our capability of interpretation.

There is no limit to learning. Learn how to interpret, as the experts interpret the complicated emotions for you. Once you learn the art of interpretation, it???s no rocket science.

  1. Start with the best of the short stories.

Please do not start your reading journey with a book with which you need to carry a mobile dictionary. Even if this means starting with ???The Jungle Book??? go ahead! You will be amazed to find that even the simplest of the stories have some words which you have heard and have even used but forgot their meaning. So start with simple and light hearten stories and gradually discover you area of interest. Once you know what genre attracts you, then you are ready for a novel.


So this weekend, put on your thinking cap and grab a book.

Happy reading folks!






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