5 Important Arguments for Britain to leave EU

Britain??voted out of European Union in a surprising move for those who have no idea about the consequences of the move. It is still unclear what this will mean for Britain???s Economic future, its policies and relations with other European countries. There have been many twists and turns in the process which led the British exit the EU. Let???s take a look at the 5 Important Arguments for Britain to leave EU.

Argument Number 1|The British self-governance is threatened by EU

This is one of the common arguments among intellectual people on the British right. Over many years there have been series of treaties that have shifted a growing amount of power to the EU bureaucracy in Brussels. EU has been granted authority on subjects like agriculture, competition policy and patent and copyright law. The EU rules on these subjects override national laws of the individual states.

The sceptics stress that the European Commission, isn???t directly liable to voters in Britain. British leaders can influence the selection of the European Commission???s members every five years. But none of its members are accountable to the British government after the body has been formed.

Argument Number 2| The EU prevents radical reforms and entrenches corporate interests.

Whereas many British conservatives see the EU as imposing big-government policies on Britain, some on the British left say that the EU???s antidemocratic structure gives too much power to corporate elites. This prevents the British left from making significant gains. According to some of them EU is beyond reform. They provide a greater hospitable ecosystem to the monopoly corporations and tax dodging elites. This left critique of the EU is part of a broader critique of elite institutions like World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.

Argument Number 3| Considering EU was a good idea but EURO was a great disaster

UK has a significant section of Euro-Sceptics ever since it joined the EU. This was a minority position until recently when nearly 130 Conservative MPs declared for leaving EU, 10 years back this number used to be around 20.

So what is the reason behind this change of minds?

As facts say the global recession that began in 2008 had bad effects around the world but it was worse in countries that had adopted the euro. The unemployment rate shot up above 20 percent triggering a massive debt crisis in countries like Greece and Spain. Seven years after the recession began, these countries are still suffering and the economists blame the Euro as the culprit. UK economy was saved due to its decision of not joining a common currency. This eventually fuelled the proposition of Brexit supporters.

Economists believe that deeper fiscal incorporation will be needed for the euro zone to work properly. Europe needs a common welfare and tax system so that countries facing severe downturns can get extra help.

But that makes Britain???s participation in EU awkward as it is unlikely to go along with deeper fiscal integration. But it would also be unmanageable to create a parallel euro zone that excludes UK. So, it might be better if UK got out of the EU which clears the trail for the rest of the EU to grow into a unified European state.

Argument Number 4| The EU allows too many immigrants whereas UK can have a more rational immigration system.

The emotional case for Brexit is heavily influenced by immigration. The EU law guarantees to the citizens the right to travel, live, and take jobs in other EU countries. British people have ever more felt the impact of this rule since the financial crisis in 2008. The euro zone has struggled economically and workers from countries like Ireland, Italy, and Lithuania have immigrated to the UK in search of work. This in a way has undercut the native working population.

Immigration has been a highly politicized issue in Britain. Anti-immigration campaigners have argued that the flood of immigrants have depressed the wages of native British workers.The Brexit supporters simply do not want to reduce the amount of immigration, they argue that ??UK can have a more sensible immigration system if it exits the EU. Brexit advocates argue that the UK should admit immigrants who will bring valuable skills to the country and combine well into British culture.

Argument Number 5| UK is strangled by the burdensome rules of EU and the exit will let it keep the money it sends to EU with itself.

The EU does not have the authority to collect taxes from the member countries. Thus it demands the nations to make an annual contribution. For UK this contribution is around 19 billion dollars which is almost 300 dollars per person. Other than this EU???s regulations are burdensome and cost the British Economy almost around 800 to 900 million dollars every week.

The Brexit supporters believe that if UK can keep this money with itself than the UK parliament can decide on the better spending of it.

These are the top 5 arguments for Britain to leave EU. We will be covering the others facets of this decision in our later publications.

Till then keep reading.

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